Get your Work Done Faster in a Coffee Shop

When the world’s first coffee shop opened in 1475 in Constantinople not many people envisioned that coffee shops could be as widespread as they are now.

Seriously, you can find coffee shops in almost any corner in the city now. Either the ones owned by big brands like Starbucks or the niche cafes where the owner is also the barista.

Over the centuries, the type of people who frequent coffee shops has shifted. Back in the days, you’ll see poets, politicians, and intellectuals gathered around talking about politics and current issues. These days, coffee shops are open for everyone.

Now, people go to coffee shops to chill and mingle. But that’s not all. Heaps of people frequent coffee shops to get their work done.

You’ve seen those people sitting around a table with their laptops discussing work, right? Do you know why they’re there instead of the office? Because working in a coffee shop can boost productivity! This is not a joke.

Being in a bustling coffee shop is good for your productivity and creativity
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The coffee shop ambiance improves productivity

People coming to a café, sitting on a cozy corner, and doing their work as they sip their latte or cappuccino is nothing out of the ordinary. The ambiance of a slightly crowded cafe helps them think and get their work done. That healthy dose of caffeine certainly helps too.

College students also enjoy going to coffee shops to get their homework and assignments. It’s true. When you’re stuck with a paper or thesis and you just can’t seem to find the motivation to write another word, just sitting there in the shop can turn the gears in your brain.

When deadlines are just around the corner and you need the extra boost of productivity, go to a coffee shop! Order your favorite kind of coffee and work your way to meet the deadline as you sip that hot goodness.

It improves creativity too

A coffee shop is an inviting environment for people who are looking to think outside the box. Some say it’s the social setting that stimulates the boost of creativity, but science has another say.

A 2012 study revealed that a moderate level of background noise enhances creativity. That noise that your ears pick up has far more benefits on your creativity than a completely silent office.

The take home point? When your work requires you to come up with new and fresh ideas all the time, visiting a coffee shop to brainstorm is just the thing. If you’ve been working in a silent environment all this time, break the routine and go to a café. The smell of coffee as well as the ambiance can really crank that creativity level up a rank.


When it comes to bringing your work to a coffee shop, your mileage will obviously vary. Some people are extroverts and others are introverts. While the former may enjoy a bustling coffee shop, the latter may require a quieter and less-busy ambiance.

If it’s not possible for you to bring your work to a coffee shop or if you don’t want to, why not create your own coffee shop ambiance for everyone else to hear. Let the drowsy office workers around the world download it and be energized.

For ideas, check out the coffee shop ambiance on Mixes your own ambient sound and share it.

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