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Today, we have something great for all free-time or professional video game developers!
When developing a video game, of course, the first things to think about are style, game mechanics, storyline, and appearance. But at the very latest when the game is almost done, another aspect comes to mind: What about the video games soundtrack?

Musical pieces, sound effects, or simple background sounds make a game more than just a visual joy. The perfect soundtrack can make or break a game, give it life and underline the mood.

Since the next Mini Ludum Dare is about to start, Ambient-Mixer takes the opportunity to reach out a helping hand to you!



What’s Ludum Dare?

The next Mini Ludum Dare takes place from November 20th to November 30th
The next big Ludum Dare takes place in December

But what is Ludum Dare? If you are a passionate video game designer or simply always wanted to try your luck developing your own game, Ludum Dare may be the right place for you—and a kick in the butt to finally get up and do something!

Ludum Dare is the name of a community and a game developing event (game jam) alike. During the LD, developers from all over the world spend a specific amount of time stated in the Ludum Dare to create a video game based on a theme. The themes are suggested by the whole community and collaboration between developers, designers, and other passionate participants is encouraged.

With more than 12 years of hosting these game jams online for a worldwide community, Ludum Dare truly established itself as a leader in the field of online and collaborative game development.


Background Sounds For Your Video Game

Here’s a fact for you: Background sounds and music make a video game more enjoyable! This isn’t news and the most popular games are also very well known for their recognizable themes or sound effects. The main themes of Skyrim or The Legend of Zelda series, as well as the recognizable tunes from Final Fantasy fighting scenes or the in-fight music from Pokémon get stuck in your head easily. They are easily recognized and stayed almost unchanged throughout the series. This only shows how big of a role the right music plays for your game.

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Start screens, menu screens, different environments, credits… different parts of your game require different kinds of background sounds to go with. And you don’t even have to go with music. Background and ambient sounds alone can add more life to your game already. We have spotted two ambient mixes on that already knew about the versatility of the ambient tracks for their game developing needs:

Golf Game | Stretchyman Adventures

The ambient mix for the golf game can function as a background track for the whole game with it’s meadow-like ambiance. The happily tweeting birds as well as the sounds of a soft creek nearby round up a peaceful and non-distracting atmosphere for a golf game in nature.

The ambient mix created for the Stretchyman Adventures menu contains music next to the ambient sound of waves splashing against the shore, rain and frogs croaking in the distance. The happy and yet calm music is surely a great appetizer for the game.


No matter if you want to add music or just create a perfectly looping background for your overall game, you can find many mixes to a certain topic on—and of course you can always create your very own by choosing from many different sound samples (and adding your own). The possibilities are nearly endless:

Space sounds for sci-fi games, natural backgrounds for calmer or puzzle games, exciting music for your adventure game, even war-themed ambient noise mixes.

If you browse the different categories, we are sure you will find something for your game as well!


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