How to Use Ambient Music to Ease Anxiety

use ambient music
Image by Les Taylor

There are many great uses of ambient music. It can be used to help you sleep or relax, it does a great job of providing relaxing background music for businesses and public places, it can set the tone for a great party  and countless other situations. However, another interesting use of ambient music is to use it as a type of therapy to help you deal with upcoming situations that sometimes cause you stress.

If there is a specific scenario that sometimes gives you anxiety, you can become much less anxious by becoming better conditioned to the noises that accompany those situations. Playing ambient tracks every day will help you get used to the noises, so when you experience them in the “real” setting, you will be less anxious.

You can also take the next step and use your mind. Once you become conditioned to not negatively respond to the ambient music tracks, you can consciously think about the situation that usually gives you anxiety.  When you can do this without becoming anxious, you will be in an even better position for the next time you experience that situation live.

Here are a few of our favorite therapeutic uses of ambient music.


This is a favorite of many veterinarians and can be effective for some people as well. If you don’t like thunderstorms, play ambient tracks of thunderstorms, in the background all day long. Before long, you will be so used to the thunder and lightning noises, you won’t even notice them at all. However, in order for this to be effective, you will need to rotate the tracks so the specific noises aren’t always the same.

Prepare for Exams

Many people struggle with anxiety during exams because of the time limit involved. As soon as they sit down, all they can hear is the sound of a ticking clock. What better way to prepare for the exam than to condition yourself to the noise of the clock. When you can get used to that sound so it stops bothering you, then you can put all your attention where it belongs, focusing 100% on your test.


Being in large crowds is something that makes a lot of people more anxious than you might expect (if you’re not one of them). Playing some tracks of ambient music from big cities can help prepare you for the next trip to the mall, sports event or concert event.

Busy City

Similar to crowds, some people get very anxious when they think about being in the middle of a big city. If you have a big trip coming up to New York City, Boston, Chicago or any other booming metropolis, here are some ambient music tracks that can get prepared for the sometimes overwhelming, multifaceted sounds that you will experience.


Being out in the wilderness is another situation that causes some anxiety for people who haven’t spent much time there. It seems like every tiny noise you hear causes anxiety because it could be a big, bad, scary animal of some kind. If you’ve agreed to one of those trips, get a head start on getting used to the noises with some great ambient music focused on wilderness sounds.

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