What Your Ringtone Says About Your Personality

What Your Ringtone Says About Your Personality
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One of the great things about having your smartphone is being able to personalize it. That means choosing your own personal ringtone. There are many websites dedicated to providing all kinds of ringtones. Most let you create your very own based on any kind of music or sound you want. But just what does your ringtone says about your personality? What does the tone you choose says about you?




Ringtones Everywhere


Although there are some out there who never bother to change or alter their ringtones, the vast majority do. A market analysis firm named Consect had some statistics which showed the popularity of personalized tones. According to them, more than half of people with phones in America, went on to download a ringtone. The studies were based on those between the ages of 15 to 30 years old. It found that they had downloaded one at least once. Those ringtone purchases amount to big business since it is estimated at over 4 billion. Being able to choose your own ringtone or even make one, is part of the reason so many do it. But the biggest reason for the popularity is simply because it lets the user define his or her personality.


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What Does Your Ringtone Sound Like?


While there are a large amount of smartphone users who go out of their way to alter their phone tune, others do not. However, based on the way some people may judge or view you based on that choice, you should consider these findings. 


Standard Ringtone or Default –


If you are one of those that never bothered to change your ringtone, you fall into the standard or default category. These are the people who are content with the ring sound which their phone comes equipped with. But does that mean you are lazy or don’t want to spend money on a tone? Not at all. The truth is that it simply means you want to play it safe. Too many people have embarrassed themselves by having a loud, personalized ringtone go off. Perhaps it was during an office meeting, quiet setting or other place. You rather keep yourself and your personality apart from your phone.


TV Shows Themes –


For anyone who uses ringtones based on TV show themes, your evaluation is not good. The impression you give others is that of a 12 year old kid. They consider you insensitive and immature. Worse of all, people see you as clumsy and lackadaisical.


Movies Ringtones –


Unlike those that have TV shows themes, the ones with movie clips ringtones are seen differently. Although there are not that many who fall into this category, those that do are viewed as romantics and well liked by others. They are also considered to have leadership and command skills. Still, this all depends on the actual movie ringtone you choose as well. If it contains offensive or vulgar phrases, that evaluation goes out the window.


Frequent Tone Changer –


While some phone users may download or change their smartphone’s tune once, there are others who are extreme. These are the people who change their tone almost every day or week. Those who do are said to be unreliable or self-indulgent and carefree.


Self Recordings –


If you tend to use your own voice recording as a ringtone, then you are thought to be self-obsessed. Some people may even use a recording from a baby or toddler. Perhaps it could even be one from your partner or love. No matter which one, people may look at you as self-oriented and even pompous. Others may even find your personal tune annoying.


Vibration or Silent Mode –


Those that choose to have their phones in either silent or vibration mode, are considered to be tame. They choose to play it safe and keep it professional. Because they do not want to be wrongfully judged by others, they keep it quiet. Those folks are considered reliable, respectful and intellectual. And though they may be seen as the quiet type, they are also viewed as strong.


Latest Songs Tone –


There is a large majority of people who choose the latest songs as their ringtones. From country, R&B, rock or hip-hop, the list is endless. No matter what your ringtone genre may be, you’re happy go lucky. You are also young at heart and content to let the world know it. Still, since most of the tones being sold fall in this category, originality is not your strong point.


Offensive Ringtones –


Nothing can be more disturbing than those with vulgar or offensive ringtones. If you have one which contains obscene or bad words, then people view you as anti-social. Moreover, they will also consider you as needing help. While you may enjoy your unique and adversarial tune, others don’t see that way. In their eyes you have no manners or respect for those around you.


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No matter which ringtone you choose, no study or research can ever truly define you. There is no real way to characterize someone simply based on a ringtone. However, do keep in mind that no matter which one you choose to use, it is not for your ears only. The rest of the world is listening. Remember that what may be considered “cool” or “hip” in one setting, can be viewed as disrespectful in others.


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