April Fools’ Day – April 1st

April Fool's Day
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Don’t worry, this blog article does not aim to spread any hoax or fake news! ?

It should rather serve as a reminder that, by tomorrow, you should be even more suspicious when it comes to any news and announcements. And, of course, we have some information about this notorious day as well.


April 1st – April Fool’s Day

Where does this tradition of pranking people on April 1st even come from? Contrary to popular belief this infamous custom is not all new. The very first association of the first of April with foolishness comes from The Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer. This collection of stories dates back to the English Middle Ages and in the story in question – Nun’s Priest’s Tale – a vain rooster is tricked by a sly fox.

Scholars are, nowadays, convinced that the date of this trickery – April 1st – is a product of a wrong translation and that Chaucer actually dated the event to May 2nd. Nonetheless, due to the centuries long belief of April 1st being the correct date, the association with fools and pranks was strongly implemented into our customs and traditions.

All throughout the 16th and 17th century, notions of “fools of April” and tricks being played during that time surfaced all across continental and later on insular Europe.


All throughout Europe, different pranks and customs developed across the years. They ranked from entrusting people with unreasonable chores to innocently telling jokes. Nowadays, April Fools’ hoaxes are known from all over the world. Thanks to the bigger reach of the media and internet, many news stations and newspapers as well as companies and platforms n the internet joined in with the tradition to spread the most ridiculous and yet still believable news on this very day.


Whether you like this day or not, whether you are a prankster on the loose or most probably the recipient of an April Fools’ joke, keep one thing in mind: this day is supposed to be about fun and letting loose. Not about malice and harm!

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