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Videos with relaxing music are the ideal way to enhance your creative nap. They also are a nice alternative to just lying on the sofa and feeling tired, as they can help you to get some sleep, to calm down or just feel better. While the main purpose of a music video is the music, the images can help to let go of your thoughts as you are looking at something moving on your screen. The actual theme of a relaxation music video is not of such importance, but obviously you wouldn’t want to watch car accidents or violence while trying to relax.

As I decribed in this post, there are plenty of sources to get some video footage to which you can then add your ambiance track. For demonstration purposes of how you can use the tracks made with the Ambient Mixer I have made some videos with relaxing music. They use tracks of the section of relaxing atmospheres and mix some of them to video. I was tempted to use some royalty free licensed footage but finally I decided to get all from free sources to maintain the open source spirit of the site. For this, I started digging into the net to find videos that could be used freely. The video footage is quite simple and nothing really extraodinary, as my aim is to show you possible uses of the ambient mixer tracks.

Videos with relaxing music on our YouTube Channel

I have uploaded them to our YouTube Channel and hope you enjoy. Despite being demo videos I have made them a bit longer for you to use them for your little nap in between. The famous relaxing 20-30 minutes that will reset your brain at work.

The videos are inspired by nature sounds, ocean sounds, fields and landscapes I found as well as just shooting during a walk with my dog. They are intended to be used as relaxation sounds, for meditation or just as sleep music or relaxing sounds in quite moment.

I also added some of the existing short videos with static images and relaxing music to the playlist. If you have a nice track but don’t find any footage you like, you can justuse a slideshow or a picture for your relaxing music video.

So, sit back and relax, my intention is to encourage you to do the same and do it better!

Check out the playlist here.


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