Noise That Inspires

Boosting Your Creative Process with Background Sound

Image by Sarah
Image by Sarah

Finding a place to do your creative work at can be a task in itself. Some people prefer a serene place without any distractions; others are creatures of habit and cannot seem to get the cogs of their mind working if further than 3 feet from the coffee machine and that bustling city noise from the windows.

In fact, most creative geniuses out there have reserved public cafes as their unofficial second offices. You see it is just the right level of ambient noise that brings out the ideas.

Music can create a Mood Or Change It

If you are feeling down but you have to make it by the deadline and this emotion will not let you tell yourself that you really do feel like working, then get the earphones out and start listening to the mix that will do the trick. Think about it, why is the eye of the tiger associated with people who need motivation to work out? Because it does exactly that for some.

Music Can Lead You To Certain Thoughts

Can you think of any songs that remind you of a certain person, experience, etc? It is very easy to anchor your relativity with music. It will single the memory out and have you stuck on that feeling by the time you will be done writing that chapter in your book or poetry.

Here is what you can do, when you feel like you are stuck or out of ideas, simply give yourself some time for brain storming. Now to make this process efficient by listen to music, the sort of music that you listen will inspire in the same feelings. If you are listening to songs that use a lot of folk instruments, you may be inspired to write about a culture or history. Music can serve innovative purposes for many people.

You May Not Know It but It Is Influencing You Physically As Well

Sound is made up of a variety of characteristics including pitch, vibration, tone, etc. Now it creates patterns that create energy field, and as humans we absorb these and they affect our blood pressure, pulse, muscle tension, and breathing patterns. Sound is definitely able to warp our current state into what we prefer it to be.

Background music is one free way you can boost your creativity. Impressionist music, we are talking Ravel, Faure and Debussy. These are based on free flowing moods and trigger images in our minds. 15 minutes of this with a few extra for stretching can unlock all barriers towards your creative process.

In the same way, Blues, Jazz and other music forms that come out of expressive heritage of Africans can inspire and uplift a person. It can release deep sorrow or joy and may even convey wit or effective motivation.

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