Top 10 Sounds for the Elements – Water

There are four classical elements most traditions, cultures, and practices refer to. Some more elements may be added – such as aether, metal, wood. Usually, the commonly used elements are:

  • Water
  • Earth
  • Air
  • Fire

If you want to invoke the elements, use them for meditation or relaxation, or need a very elemental soundscape for your reading or writing, we have some great suggestions for you! Let’s start with the element WATER.

What Is The Water Element?

In European traditions such as Greek and Roman, but also in Asian traditions from India and China, Water is one of the core or classical elements. It’s also present in modern esoteric or Wicca traditions.

The alchemical symbol for Water is the downward-pointing triangle. In medicine wheels, it’s associated with the cardinal direction of the west. In Tarot, it’s represented by the suite of cups or chalices (Rider Waite tradition).

Water is often regarded as being a feminine element that is linked to emotions and intuition. In the life of a human, Water represents old age and the season of winter.

Best Different Water Sounds

Water is very diverse. It can appear in so many different forms and strengths. All of them have different qualities, which you can easily discern when listening to them. Here are some to get you an idea:

  • Rain
  • Waterfalls
  • Oceans
  • Lakes & Ponds
  • Rivers & Streams
  • Tap & Bath Water
  • Underwater

From this list, it is easy to see that water can be relaxing and calming or exciting and adventurous.

Just compare the softly falling rain with a loud, mighty waterfall. Or the calming gurgling of a mountain stream with the crashing waves of the ocean against the shore. You can also differentiate between a wild river or natural pond and the domestic use of the water tap to pour a bath.

Choose whatever fits your mood best. Water is flowing and adaptable and can fit in almost any situation, emotional state, and purpose!

Top 10 Water Element Ambient Noise Mixes

Here are some of our top water-themed soundscapes. Feel free to explore more in the categories or using the search function on And if you do not find your perfect atmosphere? Create your own!

Water Sounds
  • The Perfect Storm
    • A mixture of light and medium rain on a tin roof and thunder in the distance. The inclusion of waterfall sounds gives it the little extra that makes this atmosphere so perfect.
  • The Waves and the Gulls
    • Not every beach is peaceful. Softly rolling waves are paired up with the cries and calls of seagulls.
  • Mask for Bathing
    • Soft splashing, a running tap, and the bubbling of a jacuzzi are the main “ingredients” of this atmosphere. It is then completed by some day-to-day bath sounds such as a fan or blow dryer. To make it all more relaxing, it’s accompanied by soft piano music.
  • Pure Bubbles
    • Air release sounds and bubbles dominate this underwater scene. Can you hear the whales and dolphins while you dive in the depths?
  • Pure Beach
    • The purest of beaches comes with rolling waves on a pebble beach. Different wind sounds complete the immersion. One channel contains seagulls, but can easily be muted for a more undisturbed experience.
  • Inside a Tent in a Thunderstorm
    • In the middle of the woods, the leaves rustle and the crows croak. But over it all lies the sound of soft rain, coming down on your tent, with thunder in the distance. This is relaxing solitude – with a dog you can easily mute.
  • Mindfulness
    • Relaxation by a peaceful creek, complete with pings, wind chimes, and a gong. This one is perfect for meditation or mindfulness practices.
  • Underwater Grotto
    • A more fantastical sound mix with mermaid sounds and ghostly singing. Water is dripping and a stream is softly gurgling and brings you right to this underwater cave.
  • A Deluge of Rain
    • A heavenly choir accompanies this mix full of soft rain. This one is perfect for dreaming and relaxation with the music box phrase and a meditative drone.
  • Spring Thunderstorm at Night
    • It’s in the wind and in the song of the crickets; a thunderstorm is approaching. Soon, the rain and thunder drown out the frog concert.
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