Make The Best Of Procrastination

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It’s time to get off your butts and rise your procrastination to another level!

Yes, you read right. Today, we are here to tell you why it’s okay to procrastinate at times – and how you can do it even better. Thus, leave your guilty conscience aside and procrastinate with us!


Procrastination On Another Level

Procrastination is bad. You hear that everywhere. It keeps you from being productive, it makes you miss deadlines, and it causes many a sleepless night. People who tell you that are not painting the complete picture though.

Looked at from the right perspective, procrastination can even be good for you. You just have to see the good sides of it and use it to your advantage. First, let us have a look at how procrastination can help you. Afterward, we show you how to procrastinate like a pro!


5 Reasons Why Procrastination Can Be Good For You

Don’t let procrastination drag you down. In moderation, it is good for you. Here are five reasons why – or rather five ways how you should change your perspective and adapt to your procrastination.


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1. It helps you to get more things done

For this, we have to distinguish between active and passive procrastinators. While a passive procrastinator just sits around, doing nothing, an active one goes to great lengths to do anything but the thing they are procrastinating on.

Active procrastinators actually get a lot done. Just think back when you were last supposed to study for a test and instead, you clean your room, fold your laundry, finally organize your drawers, … At one point, everything but the thing you were avoiding to do can be crossed off your to-do list.


2. Procrastination makes you creative

Usually, we procrastinate on tasks that take a lot of time and are overall tedious. Even though you are not actively working on them, these tasks still occupy your mind. This may be consciously or subconsciously. You are evaluating ideas, thinking of new and easier ways to tackle what you are avoiding. This is a great exercise to train your creativity.

Furthermore, it helps you to develop a habit of trying and investigating in different, diverse solutions to problems. This you can only gain from in the long run!


3. Find out what your priorities are

You don’t procrastinate on things you love. That’s a fact. Thus, if you push something away time and time again, maybe it is time to really evaluate why you have to do it in the first place. Your priorities are simply somewhere else and if it’s not important, then you should rather do something that makes you happy. Maybe the job, task or favor you are procrastinating on is simply the wrong thing for you to do.

Once you have your priorities in order, working on tasks becomes easier.


4. Unnecessary tasks fall off the grid

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Why do we even procrastinate? Some tasks may just be tedious or straining (mentally or physically). But sometimes, it’s also because the tasks we are procrastinating on are simply not important. After avoiding them for a while, you might look at the task and wonder why you had to do it in the first place. Maybe it was unnecessary or redundant in the first place. Or you already solved your problem in another, less tedious way.

Congrats, you just saved yourself some headache and hard work that would have gone into something completely unnecessary!


5. Start to make better decisions

This works in two ways. On one hand, procrastination may stem from you not being sure about what you are supposed to do. Is it the right thing for you? Are you feeling good about doing this? Procrastination can save you from jumping into something that can ultimately be bad or even harmful to you.

On the other hand, procrastinating on important tasks can cause a lot of stress. All these all-nighters, missed meals and sleepless nights are surely no fun. Hopefully, you learn from it and make the better decision the next time, namely not to procrastinate.


Procrastinate Even Better

To make the best out of your procrastination, you should take care of the perfect atmosphere. If you are an active procrastinator, you might need some more productive atmosphere. As a passive procrastinator, however, you can make the best of it by unwinding and relaxing thoroughly.

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