How to Study Effectively

Learn how to study smarter, not harder
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If you’re looking for ways to get your grade better then you’re lucky because in this article we’re going to show you 5 simple tips to make your studying more effective. Whether you’re at school or at home, you can apply these easy how-tos.

How to Study Effectively

Study smarter, not harder. That’s what top students do all the time. We all only have 24 hours a day, so we need to use that as best as we can. Now, here’s how you do it:

#1. Be positive about it

You need to stop thinking of studying as a chore. Think of it as a chance to learn and experience new things. Studying is a way to improve your skills and abilities.

Focus on the goals and the things you will achieve by studying, not the stress associated with it.

#2. Pick the right place

Some say studying in the bedroom is a huge no-no. Our brain associate bedroom with sleep, so you’ll inevitably feel drowsy simply by being there.

Find a cozy place that you don’t associate with sleeping. Perhaps a corner chair in the library or café of your choice. If you can’t find the best place to study, settling with a “good enough” place will do just fine.

#3. Get rid of distractions

Playing with gadgets and watching TV is far more interesting than studying, right? That’s why you need to get rid of them temporarily. Be sure to turn off your phone and TV while you’re studying.

If you have to listen to music, play a relaxing ambient sound. Something without lyrics is best. Your brain will automatically try to comprehend the lyrics and that is just another distraction you would rather lose.

#4. Use all your senses

Do you know why taking note is considered an effective way to study? Because you’re not only relying on one sense.

If you’re a visual learner, find a good video explaining the subject you’re studying. Get your note ready and scribble down the important points. The more senses you use, the more “anchors” you make on the topic you’re studying. As a result, retrieving the knowledge later during an exam will feel much easier.

#5. Study a bit of everything

Researchers have discovered that you will learn more effectively when you go with multiple subjects each day. For instance, if you have upcoming Math, English, and Geography exams, you should study each of those three each day. You’ll comprehend and learn things faster than if you focus on only one subject per day.

“That doesn’t sound intuitive…”

It doesn’t? Well, that’s what the researchers found. The key idea is should learn one set of concepts interleaved with learning other concepts.

That said, if you feel you are more comfortable focusing on one subject a day, go for it.

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