Motivation For The Last Days Of Camp NaNoWriMo

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April is fading, May is approaching. That means that the first Camp Session of Camp NaNoWriMo 2017 is coming to an end. This is the final sprint for all participants, the last chance to reach their goal and word count!

And what do you need most on these last days? Motivation! Motivation to keep going and to give it your everything until the very end. To help you with that, we have searched through our playlists to deliver you motivational songs across different genres and eras. Put on your headphones, turn up the volume and click to these energizing and motivational songs!


10 Songs To Motivate You During Camp NaNo’s Final Sprint

1. Chesney Hawkes – The One And Only (1991)

Nik Kershaw, famous for his songs “The Riddle” and “Wouldn’t It Be Good”, wrote this song that is sung by British performer Chesney Hawkes. The song was featured in the movies “Buddy’s Song” which starred Hawkes himself, and “Doc Hollywood” with Michael J. Fox which catapulted the song into the top 10 Billboard charts in the US.


2. Destiny’s Child – Survivor (2001)

Before she made it big as a solo artist, Beyoncé Knowles was part of the popular R&B group Destiny’s child. One of their greatest hits from 2001 is the name-giving song for their album “Survivor”. This motivational track granted the band a Grammy Awards win for the best R&B performance by a duo or group in 2002.


3. Journey – Don’t Stop Believin’ (1981)

The original song was recorded by the US rock band journey for their 1981 album “Escape”. This song praised as a rock anthem made it into the top 10 of the Billboard charts upon its first release. Since then, the song had been covered by many bands, has been featured in numerous movies and TV series and could even be heard by major sports events.


4. Bon Jovi – It’s My Life (2000)

“It’s My Life” is the first release from Bon Jovi’s 2000 album “Crush”. Arguably harder and more edgy than the band’s 1980’s releases, this powerful song introduced the former glam rockers to a new, younger audience while staying true to many “classic Bon Jovi tropes” of their earlier songs.


5. Katrina And The Waves – Walking On Sunshine (1985)

This song is of the best known and most popular international release of the British-American rock band Katrina And The Waves. While mildly successful in the US upon first release, the revenue from royalties and advertisements for the song show the big success of this upbeat and energizing song.


6. Franz Ferdinand – Do You Want To (2005)

“Do You Want To” is a 2005 single of the Glasgow rock band Franz Ferdinand. While its success in the US was rather negligible, the song made waves among rock and indie fans in the UK, even scoring place four in the UK Singles Charts.


7. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – Dragonborn (2011)

Music that plays in the background of a video game is supposed to set the scene for your game and get you engaged. Naturally some video games thus created great, enticing and motivating tracks. One of them is the “Dragonborn” theme from Skyrim which was recorded using a choir of over thirty people.


8. Van Halen – Jump (1983)

American rock band Van Halen probably released their biggest hit with “Jump” in 1983. The song made number one in the US Billboard charts and top ten in many international charts. The synth line that differentiates the song from Van Halen’s earlier releases creates a tune that makes it impossible to not get energized by.


9. Gladiator – Now We Are Free (2000)

Similar to video game soundtracks, movie scores are supposed to engage us with what happens on the screen. The soundtrack to the 200 film Gladiator features music by movie score genius Hans Zimmer. “Now We Are Free” is the last track on the original soundtrack for the movie and thus one of the most powerful ones.


10. Survivor – Eye Of The Tiger (1982)

Everyone knows this song by it’s first few seconds alone. Survivor’s “Eye of The Tiger” is the one song most associated with fictional character Rocky as it was especially requested by Stallone to be the soundtrack of the movie Rocky III. And how could a song that motivates a boxer not be motivating for any of us?

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