Have You Watched Cats The Movie?

Ever since the trailer came out, Cats had received quite the unwelcoming reviews from both critics and moviegoers alike. People made sure to write some rough comments on the movie’s official trailer on YouTube. One commenter begged people to stop posting bad things about the movie because he’s tired liking them all.

Despite the criticism, the movie still hit the theatre, and as many have guessed, it flopped. If you’re still pondering what movies should you watch with your family this holiday, steer clear from this movie. Why? Here’s why …

#1. There’s no plot

Supposedly, the movie is about a tribe of cats, the Jellicles, choosing one of their kinds to ascend to the Heaviside Layer. The whole musical is supposed to revolve around the process. Alas, the movie is lost in the director’s own imagination of how good storytelling should be done.

#2. Terrible CGI

There’s good CGI and there’s bad CGI. Cats is definitely a prime example of the latter. It’s as if the animators and director, Tom Hooper, had never seen cats in real life before.

The size of the cats is also inconsistent from one scene to the next. In one scene, they’re smaller than cutleries and in others, they’re as large as a metal trash can. For the director to miss such glaring mistakes is beyond absurd.

Image Source: YouTube

#3. Where’s Taylor?

Taylor Swift was just one of the big names in the movie and the trailer made it like she held an important role. It turned out that she only appeared for about ten minutes in the whole movie. What’s that about?

#4. It’s nothing like the original

For people who had seen the original Cats show when they were little, Cats the movie is an abomination. The original was a huge success with over 16,000 performances than span decades. The musical also has been translated to various languages and performed worldwide.

The director clearly considered the original show as nothing more than an amateurish work and that he knew better. Well, he certainly didn’t because the movie is a train wreck.

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If you insist on searching for the silver lining, the movie does make people intrigued to find out more about the original show. The one that didn’t suck. That has to be a positive point, right?

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