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An aquarium is the greatest combination of beautiful and nature-like decoration and owning a pet. While the decorative aspect of a home aquarium is definitely a perk, one should never forget that it’s the home of several living beings, fish and plants alike. With this in mind, it’s easy to see the perks of having a lovely fish tank at home to look at.

Nonetheless, today we want to take the time to explore the health benefits that come from owning a happy little fishy (or more). Also, we will show you some great ASMR tracks that can greatly improve the impact of your tank set-up.


The Benefits Of Having An Aquarium

First of all, let’s have a look at the different kinds of benefits having a fish tank can have. It:

  • lowers blood pressure
  • can calm ADHD
  • reduces the feeling of physical pain
  • improves Alzheimer’s inabilities
  • calms nerves and reduces stress


Different studies conducted with senior citizens, Alzheimer’s patients and small children confirmed these benefits. Furthermore, studies in a dental clinic showed that patients that had a fish tank to look at in the waiting area required less pain medication after the procedure.


Aquarium Fish
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Do Fish Make A Difference?

Yes, they do! Researchers have found out that “living” aquaria have an even greater impact on lowering the blood pressure in senior citizens. Neatly decorated tanks without fish are calming and helpful already, but the addition of fish can amplify the effects.


Fish Tank Alternatives

A big fish tank can be an issue for many. There are many desk variants, however, that enable you to set up a small habitat for your fishy friend. However, before you get a tiny fishbowl and put a fish in it, make sure you did some thorough research. Fish, no matter how small, need a certain amount of space. You should always put the health and safety of your new pet first.

If the commitment to a real fish is not your thing or if you cannot provide the minimum space needed, there are other alternatives. Studies showed that even watching a video of fish has beneficial effects on your health. On YouTube, you can find countless hours of aquarium footage, for example. So why not dedicate one of your screens to such a beneficial and relaxing display?


Atmospheric Ambient Tracks For Fish Tanks

What does a fish tank need next to water, filters, fish and the plants the fish needs? Decoration!

Sunken pirate ships, treasure chests, figurines, a wallpaper or backdrop, different lights, skulls, sunken city ruins… There is a myriad of decorations to choose from as well as different real and fake plants. But what about acoustic decoration? Yes, that’s a thing!


Ambient Mixer user Paperflowers created a background sound machine to mimic the sounds of a fish tank. Complete with bubbles, filter white noise, and splashing sounds. Check it out here: Aquascaped Aquarium Ambience

Instead of “only” mimicking that you have an aquarium, you can add any kind of soundtrack to your aquarium, of course. Especially nature sounds are predestined to be added to a fish tank. Your aquarium has a theme? No problem! You can surely find the perfect soundscape for it – and if not, you can always create your own. In need of some examples?

And, of course, whatever else you can think of!


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