Distant journey customized music mix

Here I show another music mix made with the ambient mixer. The music atmosphere Distant World is among the group of top rated music atmosphere in the ambient mixer public repository. I like it too.

As my private hommage to it, I made little changes to the track and adapted it to my private version of this.

What I changed in this music mix

This is the original sound as published in the Ambient Mixer website.

You will not find that many differences to the customized version of it.

I changed the sound in Channel 1 from the original Crispy Synth Pad to Summer Fields. Channel 8 changes from Space Drum to Gentle Pad. Channel 2 and Channel 7 load the same sound, Floating Synth Pad. Each channel had the randomizer enabled to play the sound 20 times in 10 minutes. Channel 2 sounds from the left speaker, Channel 7 from the right speaker.

Short making-of Video

I like listening to this track while I make a short creative pause during work. I relax and lean back on my chair, put on the headphones and relax 10 minutes to this music. I don’t know if it’s the music or the little nap or both, but I feel refreshed and with new energy when I finish my little siesta at my desk. It helps my while working.

There is a little mistake in the video captions: I changed Channel 7 to play the same sound, in the subtitles it reads channel 6.

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