Learning Drums for Kids – A Short Guide for Parents

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In many musical pieces, the drums often play the role of the rhythmic backbone. They keep the time while also play in favor to or against the beat. One can claim the drums play not a small role in music. That said, the main reason many kids started to learn the drums is that it looks cool.

Whether you agree with your kids’ reasoning to start learning the drums, as parents, you should show your support anyway.

Drums for Kids – A Short Guide for Parents

Now, drums for kids may sound like a bad idea for many parents. After all, there are many instruments other than the drums you can introduce to kids. To put it bluntly, instruments that produce less noise.

“Are drums really bad of an idea?”

The short answer is no. Learning the drums is not bad for your kids. In fact, there are many benefits to children playing drums. Your children will develop many important skills such as:

  • understanding in rhythm through counting exercises
  • limbs coordination
  • listening skill
  • self-control
  • patience
  • time management

Suffice to say that learning the drum has huge rewards. Plus, it’s fun.

“But what about the noise?”

If you’re worried so much about the noise, then sign your children up for drum lessons. That way, you won’t need to have a drum set at home.

Be sure to get your kids a pair of drumsticks early on. They can practice handling the sticks at home by tapping them on the sofa, mattress, books, or their laps. It may sound silly, but if your kids got the sticks, they can do hand practices anytime anywhere.

“What’s the point?”

The best drummers spend tens of thousands of hours doing hand practices. The time your children spend on air drumming or practicing on practice pad will bear fruits in the future for sure. Yes, even when they only have access to drum sets once a week.

Who knows, they could be the next Dave Grohl or Ringo Starr, right?

“Hmmm, but I kind of want to get my kids a drum set…”

Make up your mind, will you!?

Sigh… OK then, for proper learning, you need a 5-piece drum set. The problem is drum sets are quite expensive compared to other instruments such as the ocarina or ukulele.

“I think I’ll wait until my kids are a bit older…”

OK, let get this one straight. Some parents do think that children under 7 do not have the capacity both mentally and physically to play drum properly. That’s an over-generalization and misconception.

Children learn quickly and they do have the proper motor skills to play drum efficiently. Even when they can’t move their arms and hands too well, learning the drums will improve their strength and fine motor skills.

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